Press Release: Vanessa Campos

The European project TransR – Trans Sex Workers Rights are Human Rights – which main goal is to contribute to the full exercise, deference and protection of trans sex workers’ vital rights – will join this action, in memory of Vanessa Campos.

The TransR consortium includes five organisations from different European countries: APDES (Portugal); Hetaira (Spain); LEFÖ (Austria); MIT (Italia) and Positive Voice (Greece), which will implement concerted actions that focus on the individuals, but also on the circumstances and agents that prevent trans sex workers from having full access to physical and psychological healthcare services in 2018-2019.

We will join ICRSE, TGEU, STRASS, ACCEPTESS-T and all the European and global movement demanding: a) to end violence against trans people, migrants and sex workers; b) to repeal the criminalization of clients and to decriminalize sex work and c) to support migrant’s regularization and access to work and justice.

These crimes are a direct result of the repression measures carried out by several member states of the EU, such as Sweden and France. They have been (and remain) the consequences of the lack of concrete measures adopted  by said member states, thus perpetuating the non-existence and disregard for the fundamental Human Rights and dignity of all people – regardless of gender, sexual orientation or administrative legal status.

We urge the Member States of the EU and other European bodies to take action and implement concrete measures and resources aimed at reducing hate crimes against trans people in Europe.