The 3rd working meeting took place in Athens from 27 to 29th of March. The 12 Representatives of the TransR coordination team discussed the results of the focus groups, the issues to be addressed in the upcoming activities (trainings, development of an awareness video, etc.) and the progress of the project in each country. Lately, more than 50 trans sex workers and 40 professionals participated at the focus groups which were held in Porto, Athens, Vienna, Bologna and in Madrid and  they shared valuable ideas and experiences The next months many TransR products will be finalized and published at the official website in English and in local languages of the partners. Overall, all the activities have been successfully implemented; and local groups and partners have enthusiastically embraced them. Among all partners, it was emphasized that trans sex workers face significant violations of their rights at systemic, interpersonal and institutional levels; and there are still many issues to be addressed and urgently to be improved across all counties and Europe.