«We all share the same feelings, the same wishes but we don’t share the same rights»:

14th September 2019-Sex Worker Pride



 TransR consortium has today, on Sex Worker Pride, released an exclusive video that calls on support for the equal rights of trans sex workers all over Europe. The video highlights all human aspects of daily life of trans sex workers which are often subverted by emphasizing on victimization, and criminalization. Trans sex workers are people who deserve equality and respect and they should be equal citizens of our countries with the same rights and obligations.

Everyone is entitled to the rights to life, security and protection from violence, and these must be respected and ensured, irrespective of sex work and gender identity.Trans sex workers face multiple forms of human rights’ violations due to their gender identity and the criminalisation of sex work (selling, purchasing or organising) all over Europe and the world. Trans sex workers often face rejection by their families and communities who disapprove of their gender identity. This can result in high rates of homelessness, social exclusion, and poverty.

Pride started with the 1969 Stonewall Inn Riots by trans sex workers of color, gender nonconforming individuals, low-income individuals, and people of color, people who were most affected by police actions against the LBTQ community and who were brave enough to stand up and fight back. For the first time this year, NSWP is launching a fourth event related to sex worker’s rights, Sex Worker Pride, to celebrate sex workers’ self-determination and enhanced visibility and show the achievements of sex worker-led organisations around the world.

The 5 European organizations– APDES (Agência Piaget para o Desenvolvimento) from Porto, MIT from Bologna, Positive Voice & Red Umbrella Athens from Athens, LEFÖ from Vienna and  Hetaira from Madrid – implement a trasnational programme named “TRANSR – Trans Sex Workers Rights Are Human Rights” aiming to contribute to the fulfillment, respect and protection of trans sex workers (TSW) fundamental rights.


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