Analysis Report of the Trans-Inclusive Communication Campaigns

Through the initiatives of TransR’s Work Package 3, “Awareness Raising”, the main goals are to enable a more supportive and respectful environment for trans people in general and TSW, in particular raising awareness on the challenges and needs of trans people, giving special attention to TSW and increasing knowledge on EU non-discrimination laws and recommendations among general public.

The purpose of this Analysis report is to be a tool to evaluate and design more accurate trans-inclusive campaigns amongst LGBTI+ and sex workers organizations and allies. It departs from an identification of a wide range of public campaigns targeting the rights of trans people and a deep analysis of their content which aim to provide insights and tools for stakeholders who are willing to create their own public awareness-raising campaign focusing on the rights of trans people.

We were trying to answer the question “why sometimes campaigns aiming to promote equality and awareness raising on LGBTI+ rights eventually end up to be discriminating or disempowering for trans people?” The first question led us to another one: “what makes a campaign a trans-inclusive one?”

The campaigns selected to integrate the grid of analysis were produced mainly in Europe, US and Asia and
disseminated by online (websites and social media) and offline media (radio and tv broadcasts). The campaigns in matter used image, text and video in order to promote LGBTI+ rights around the world. The collected campaigns were dissiminated between 2008 and 2018. The 10 years time span was defined taking into account the evolution on the use of internet. The campaigns analyzed were mainly campaigns that were created with the purpose of online dissemination.

Read the full Report in English here.