TransR Training Kit 

“Know Your Rights!” is the first information kit focused exclusively on trans sex workers available in 5 languages: English, Portuguese, Italian, Greek and Spanish

The information kit was firstly presented during the capacity building workshops in June-July 2019 to more than 50 trans sex workers in Vienna, Porto, Bologna, Athens and Madrid.The main aim of the workshops consisted in increasing the knowledge on protective legal measures and access to rights in cases of discrimination based on the gender identity of trans sex workers.

English (from the Austrian Partner)

English (General Content)



Spanish (from the Austrian Partner)

Spanish (from the Spanish Partner)



You can download the PDFs from here, by clicking on the link.

transr language ENGLISH_austria

transr language ENGLISH_general

transr language GREEK

transr language PORTUGAL

transr language SPANISH_austria

transr language SPANISH_Spain

transr language_ITALIAN