TransR Fact Sheets now available in 5 Languages

Since June 2019, TransR consortium conducted various trainings and workshops on non-discriminatory practices with approximately 125 health providers, law enforcement agents, media representatives, service providers, representatives of LGBT and other humanitarian organisations in Vienna, Porto, Madrid, Bologna and Athens. Out of these trainings, 5 fact-sheets have been developed with relevant information and DOs-Dont’s for each one of these groups aiming to facilitate dissemination among colleagues and other professionals across Italy, Austria, Spain, Greece and Portugal. The main goal of these activities are to improve trans sex workers’ access to health, justice and social support.

These fact sheets are available in 5 languages: English, German, Italian, Greek, Portuguese and Spanish.

German Version:

fact sheet health GERMAN fact sheet HRA and LGBTI GERMAN

fact sheet Law Enforcement GERMAN

fact sheet media GERMAN

fact sheet Service Providers GERMAN

Greek Version:

fact sheet health GREEK

fact sheet HRA and LGBTI GREEK

fact sheet Law Enforcement GREEK

fact sheet media GREEK

fact sheet Service Providers GREEK

Italian Version:

fact sheet health ITALIAN

fact sheet HRA and LGBTI ITALIAN

fact sheet Law Enforcement ITALIAN

fact sheet media ITALIAN

fact sheet Service Providers ITALIAN

Portuguese Version:

fact sheet health PORTUGUESE


fact sheet Law Enforcement PORTUGUESE

fact sheet media PORTUGUESE

fact sheet Service Providers PORTUGUESE

Spanish Version:

fact sheet health SPANISH

fact sheet HRA and LGBTI SPANISH

fact sheet Law Enforcement SPANISH

fact sheet media SPANISH

fact sheet Service Providers SPANISH